Maximize your gains with minimum effort using $PING's Telegram bot
for swift access to lucrative trends.

About Ping

$Ping: The only tool you need to find, buy, and profit from gem plays.

Our AI-powered algorithm scans the market for the potential plays, reviews the tokens, and gives a custom safety score. We also have built-in purchase features to help speed up the process and increase your profitability.

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Project Keypoints

Signal bot
$Ping's custom algorithm powers a Telegram bot, delivering fast and tailored signals for potential token gains.

Our transparent custom dashboard showcases previous signals, accessible to all users, promoting trust and openness..

Revenue Share
Holders can enjoy multiple revenue share opportunities as $Ping's ecosystem grows, offering passive income potential.

Built-in DEX
Trade tokens seamlessly within our signal bot, accelerating sniper bot deployment, with a 1% transaction fee contributing to the $Ping project.


We have completed a dashboard for you guys. This will have a delay compared to the telegram bot. This will be continuously updated but will allow us to be transparent, while we also have confidence in what we build. It is important to be transparent.

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CA: 0xf240b48464eF6bae0306592b48131bECe8cb7333
Initial Lock: 6 mos.

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